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I'm trying to make a web page that will provide a glimpse of me, as well as provide some interesting and informative resources and sites on the Web.

First, William Blake, 1757-1827, is probably my greatest hero.

Second, I love art, literature, and the humanities generally. I'm especially fond of English Literature from the medieval, Rennaissance and Romantic periods, tho' I love reading almost anything if I have the time.

Third, I love Ireland! I first went there in the summer of 1971 with a tour from my church led by Charles Robshaw. He was my admired and brilliant pastor at the time, and he was born and raised in Dublin, which was also the birthplace of many other brilliant and exciting people. When we got to Ireland, his younger daughter, Katherine, was just completing her last year in high school at Wesley College in Dublin. I spent some free time with Katherine and we got to like one another as drinking buddies.

When I next saw Katherine, in the summer of 1976, she had just come home from Kenyon College and was at church one Sunday morning. I was in my place in the choir stalls and she really stood out with a definite glow among the 300 or so worshippers. I invited her to accompany me to Williamsburg in that bicentennial summer (no, it wasn't crowded -- I guess folks stayed away in droves because they thought it would be too crowded), and, well, one thing led to another and we were married (by her father) on April 19, 1980.

We're still married (mostly happily) and we have two sons, William, who is 16 and still loves to play DOOM, and Matthew, who is 13 and loves to read, J.K. Rowling and J.R.R. Tolkien, among others.

Anyway ..... back in that summer of 1971 I did not fall in love with Katherine (that took fireworks at Williamsburg and toddies at Aunt Connie's), but I sure did fall in love with Ireland! I applied to Dr. Robshaw's alma mater, Trinity College, Dublin, as a special student and took a leave of absence from Carnegie-Mellon University to go to TCD the next school year, 1972-1973. It was the most wonderful educational experience of my life. I've been back a number of times, as Katherine has an aunt and three cousins with families over there. I can't wait to return again!

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