Litany and Hope

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Take the time to think -

Take the time to play -

Take the time to read -

Take the time to pray -

Take the time to love and be loved -

Take the time to be friendly -

Take the time to laugh -

Take the time to give -

Take the time to work -

Take the time to do charity -


Hope means to keep living amid desperation
	and to keep humming in the darkness. 
Hope is knowing that there is love,
	it is trust in tomorrow
	it is falling asleep and waking to work when the sun rises.
In the midst of a gale at sea, it is to discover land.
In the eyes of another, it is to see understanding.
As long as there is hope
	there will also be prayer.
And God will be holding you in his loving hands.

Portions of the funeral services for my friends, Jane Heaton and Carol Thompson, and my brother, Peter Hackney, three killed by cancer in untimely season (cancer also killed my Mom at 64), and the service for my beloved father-in-law, Charles Robshaw, who died beautifully at 87, and Helen Moore, similarly beautiful, arriving at rest in her 95th year.

Once I found out the secret of the Universe. I have forgotten what it was, but I know that the Creator does not take Creation seriously, for I remember that He sat in Space with all His Work in front of Him and laughed. -- Lord Dunsany, "The Hashish Man"

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